Below is a small selection of my work that is easily available online. In addition to articles I’ve published in the popular press, I’ve also had a couple of essays anthologized in recent books. There are a number of unpublished sermons and presentations that I can make available upon request, as well.

2022 – Essay titled “Like Trees: Cultivating Spiritual Practice”, forthcoming in the GracePoint anthology, Praying the Poets.

2018 – Essay titled “Borderline Child of God”, published in the Skinner House Books anthology, Testimony: The Transformative Power of Unitarian Universalism; see http://www.uuabookstore.org

2016 – Guest post for “Voices of Liberal Faith” blog titled “Bound to Be Free: The Passover Spirit”, online at http://www.voicesofliberalfaith.org/2016/04/bound-to-be-free-passover-spirit-in-2016.html.

2014 – Brief guide to “Self-Care for Helping/Healing Professionals” distributed by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors at its 50th Anniversary conference: http://www.aapc.org/_templates/74/_403_-_kelly_murphy_mason_-_spiritual_self-care_-_handout___prayer.pdf

2011 – Essay for Work Stew titled “Pilgrim to Professional: One Minister’s Story” published online: http://workstew.com/2011/08/19/pilgrim-to-professional-one-ministers-story/

2010 – Article for the Encylopedia of Psychology and Religion available through Google Books: http://books.google.com/books

2008 – Lenten Meditations posted by the UUCF at its Virtual Monastery: http://www.uuchristian.org/Virtual%20Monastery/John5.html

2007 – Column titled “Community Minister’s Corner” regularly published in The Open Line newsletter: http://www.snuuc.org/OpenLines/2007.09%20OL%20sept%20again.pdf

2006 – Presentation on “Mental Disorders and Our Ministries” given at the Metro New York UUMA Ministry Days in Power-Point format: Mental Disorders

2002 – Sermon titled “Only Moderately Wrecked: Reflections on Healing” delivered at the Unitarian Church of All Souls in New York City and available through its archives:

2001 – Essay titled “The Sacrament of Gratitude” published on the Beliefnet Web site at:   http://www.beliefnet.com/Holistic-Living/Gratitude/The-Sacrament-Of-Gratitude.aspx

A partial catalogue of my unpublished sermons includes the following titles:

Time and Time Again: Counting the Days as Sacred
Season Tickets for Life
The Way of Humanity: The Wisdom of Confucius
Our Hidden Wholeness
The Long and Short of Life: Insight from Seneca
Interests or Ideals? God in Theory and Practice
Everything in Turn: Spokes in the Buddhist Wheel
The Fingers of Faith
Divinity, Femininity, Quaternity, Eternity
Paths to the Sacred: Labyrinths and the Like
The Truth About Ruth
The Divine in the Mix: Why Matter Matters
Dynamic Faith: Tillich’s Theology Today
Wisdom Exceeds Folly
How Miracles Are Made: A Hanukkah Sermon
The Biggest Word: Keeping the Universalist Promise
The Spiritual Practice of Paying Attention
Illuminating Experience: Emersonian Insight
Enough with the Blessings: A Thanksgiving Sermon
Restored to Sanity: A Full Recovery
So Take Up Your Mat and Walk!
Meditation on Living: Stoic Wisdom in/on Action
Hopes that Cannot Die
Eternal Knowledge: Teachings of the Vedas
Opening Doors, Opening Minds, Opening Worlds
Finding the Way: Learning from Laotse
An Old Story: Epic Devotion
Smelling the Flowers
Eternity in a Day: Sabbath Time
Strength to Love: Sufis, Feminists, and Psychotherapist Speak
Everyday Epiphanies, or the Holy Days after the Holidays
Grace at Christmastime
Religion in the Age of Idolatry
Samhain for All Souls
Better Than Fine
Greater Love
The Speck Philosophy of Life
Gratefully, Gracefully in the Gaps
If God Was One of Us
Winter Sundays: Reflections

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  1. I was wondering whether this site has a blogging opportunity for attendees of your upcoming course on the Gospel of Thomas.

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