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Tiny’s Kindness

The sharp economic downturn took place shortly after we moved into our corner of the city, and the result was that our neighborhood was coming undone just as we were settling into it. Restaurants and stores emptied as quickly as dominoes falling up one side of the street and around down the other side. Yet the small corner diner was one of the last businesses to go, which seemed odd, given just how horrible the food was there. Since the window blinds were always drawn shut, it was hard to know when (or whether) the diner was even open, but the blinds did serve to hide an especially dreary interior from the view of passersby. Continue reading

Church Ladies’ Poker Night

Today is Friday, which – needless to say – makes tonight special. Across the city, a variety of observances mark the end of a long work week. Downtown, New Yorkers will be meeting at happy hour after happy hour around quitting time. And when the sun goes down this evening, many neighbors in my historically Jewish neighborhood will take their prayer shawls and one another’s hands and walk to the local synagogue. They will sweetly wish one another, Shabbot Shalom. As for me, I’ll grab a couple of bags of candy and drive straight to Church Ladies’ Poker Night. Continue reading