Q not A

Haven’t we all been given some cause for hope?
What is it that helps to heal our souls?
Isn’t there some balm that makes the wounded whole?

These are three questions that I consider almost constantly. I do not — cannot — offer any easy answers to them, here or anywhere else. Instead, I stay open and try to explore them at their deepest levels. That seems to be what my own heart requires me to do, both in Gilead and beyond.

So I invite those of you who might care to here to join me in this sort of contemplation. Skeptics, seekers, and believers alike: you are all welcome. You are most welcome here! My hope is that the The Reverend Dr. blog can inspire all kinds of people to lead spirit-filled lives even in the midst of difficult times.

My own life has been devoted to a series of healing ministries, most of them related to psychospiritual inquiry with individuals and families, educational institutions and faith communities. Although I am a woman of the cloth who might now and then don a collar, I have no real doctrinal stance, and more often than not, I find dogma to be a distraction.

Instead, I generally stick close to my own experience, since that’s where my acquaintance with the Divine has been most intimate and illuminating. And I always encourage others to do the same for themselves.

Whether or not you claim a faith tradition, religious resentment, undeniable doubt, conscientious objection, sincere curiousity, or abiding belief — whatever your spiritual state, you are welcome as you are. The spiritual search should not be undertaken alone, and here you will know that you are not alone.

You might even start to question if you ever really were.

© 2011

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