My fondest hope is that can become a place where people get connected without getting wired, a special site where we can all be thoughtful and expansive and related as spiritual seekers. TRD publishes meditations and reflections on a variety of topics, all related to the life of the spirit. This blog is meant to serve as sincere invitation for people to be contemplative about the circumstances of their own lives, just as a Quaker meeting might.

But it does takes a virtual village to form an online community, doesn’t it?

If you like any of the blog postings by The Reverend Dr., you are heartily encouraged to write your own comment at the space provided at the bottom of that particular post. Comments are lightly moderated to guarantee a civility of tone and gentleness of spirit, but they generally apppear on the Web site within 24 hours at most. People should also feel welcome to comment on those individual comments they find particularly inspiring.

Readers of this blog can connect with its content a number of different ways. They can “Like” The Reverend Dr. page on Facebook using the FB button on the sidebar of each Web page. They can also follow The Reverend Dr. on Twitter @RevDrKMM. Subscriptions are available through RSS, as well.

Each time a new post is published, you will be notified through your chosen venues. If you want to spread the word about The Reverend Dr. and her blog, your own Facebook pages and Twitter feeds are excellent ways to do that. Additionally, blog posts can be sent to friends via email, so if you think some posts might be helpful or healing to others, by all means, pass them along.

Personally, I am glad for any and all feedback. So to Scott, David, Amy, Mrs. R., and all the other good readers who’ve written in to me more confidentially — my thanks for your thoughtful responses and kind words. They were indeed much appreciated.

Sometimes when we believe we are voices crying in the wilderness, we’re actually just calling out to one another. I think that’s worth remembering…

Whoever else would like to communicate with The Reverend Dr. can use the following form:

If the material on this blog speaks to you and seems somehow relevant to life today, then I am always gratified to know that. Should you quote its content in public venues or through various media, though, please be sure to give the appropriate attributions and to obtain written permissions where those might be necessary.

All content at is the intellectual property of the author, unless otherwise stated, and is copyrighted as such. Thank you for your consideration in this regard.

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